" Meet Ballistic: Apex Legends Season 17's Latest Hero

Meet Ballistic: Apex Legends Season 17's Latest Hero


Apex Legends Season 17 is here, and with it comes a brand new hero for players to add to their battle royale team. Introducing Ballistic – the latest addition to the Apex Legends roster. Ballistic is a master marksman and a formidable force in the Apex Legends arena. With his impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, Ballistic is sure to be a hero to reckon with. Read on to learn more about this exciting new addition to the Apex Legends universe!

Who is Ballistic?

Apex Legends fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ballistic, the latest addition to the battle royale game. Ballistic is a robotic war machine that is sure to bring excitement to Season 17 of Apex Legends. He is a hero with immense power and an intriguing backstory. Ballistic is a powerful robot created by Dr. Mary Somers, a scientist on the planet Talos. He was originally designed to help protect her people from a dangerous alien threat, but he was left unfinished after her death. Now, he's here to join the Apex Games in the search for glory and justice. His presence promises to change the game entirely.

What are Ballistic's abilities?

The newest hero to join the Apex Legends battle royale game is Ballistic. This hero has a unique set of abilities that will allow them to make a lasting impact on the game. They have two primary skills: a power shield and an EMP blast. The power shield will protect them from enemy fire while the EMP blast can be used to disable any robotic or electronic enemy it hits. Additionally, Ballistic has access to various tactical and passive abilities, including enhanced movement speed and heightened perception, that will give them an edge in the heat of battle. With these abilities, Ballistic will certainly shake up the Apex Legends meta.

How will Ballistic change the meta?

The addition of Ballistic to Apex Legends in Season 17 is sure to shake up the battle royale game's meta. This new hero is a heavy-hitting, fast-paced fighter who offers a unique combination of offensive and defensive capabilities. With their versatile skillset, they can easily disrupt enemy strategies and be a major force on the battlefield. Ballistic's primary weapon, the Punisher, is a heavy machine gun that fires explosive rounds at a rapid rate. This weapon can quickly take out opponents, making it an ideal choice for aggressive players. They also have access to the Power Spike, which allows them to stun and slow down enemies with a blast of energy, giving their team the advantage in combat. Lastly, their Defense Matrix ability creates a protective barrier that blocks enemy fire and gives teammates a chance to regroup in the heat of battle. With their wide range of skills, Ballistic has the potential to drastically change the meta of Apex Legends. Their powerful weapons can quickly turn the tide of battle and their defensive abilities make them ideal for both offensive and defensive playstyles. In addition, their versatility makes them difficult for opponents to counter, allowing teams to surprise their enemies and secure victory in even the most intense battles.

What else is coming in Season 17?

With the introduction of Ballistic, the latest hero to join Apex Legends from Blizzard Entertainment, players are sure to see big changes in the battle royale game. Along with the arrival of Ballistic, Season 17 brings plenty of other exciting updates and additions. This season includes a brand-new area on World's Edge called Outlands Canyon, allowing players to explore a rocky new region with different terrain and plenty of obstacles to traverse. There will also be a new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous. This mode restricts players to using only sniper rifles and shotguns, while providing them with extra armor to increase their survivability. In addition to these features, players can look forward to various balance changes, including buffs to certain weapons and legends, new purchasable skins and cosmetics, and the chance to unlock exclusive rewards through the Battle Pass. With so much new content coming in Season 17, Apex Legends fans are sure to have a blast exploring all that the update has to offer.

Apex Legends Season 17 launch trailer introduces Ballistic

Respawn Entertainment continues to support the battle royale game Apex Legends non-stop, and soon the title will get its 17th season introducing players to a new hero Ballistic whose abilities can be seen in the launch trailer below. The new season kicks off May 9 and is titled Arsenal. The official description of the new hero says he is a legendary fighter who returns to Apex Games to keep his son safe. He belongs to the Assault class and uses powerful weapon shots to deal devastating damage. It also appears to automatically reload the weapon, providing a supply An infinite amount of bullets without having to manually reload.

The gameplay for the new champion will be revealed on the 1st of May, and we will get more details regarding the content of the new season and the rewards awaiting players. Respawn has already opened a third studio in Madison, Wisconsin, to maintain support for the popular battle royale game for another 10 to 15 years. The US development team says the new team will focus primarily on Apex Legends in order to ensure a consistent and sustainable product line, and the studio will be led by Ryan Burnett, who previously worked at Epic Games as Engine Production Manager, as well as a long 14-year stint at Raven Software working on games. Call of Duty.

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