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Get Ready to Take on Unrecord on Consoles: Popular Shooter Game's Expansion News

Get Ready to Take on Unrecord on Consoles: Popular Shooter Game's Expansion News


Are you a fan of shooter games? Get ready to take on Unrecord on consoles! The popular shooter game is set to expand its reach to PlayStation and Xbox users. Unrecord is currently being developed for PC only, but this expansion will offer console players the opportunity to experience the thrill and challenge of this reality shooter. Keep reading to find out more about Unrecord's upcoming expansion!

What is Unrecord?

Unrecord is an upcoming shooter game that is currently in development for PC only. It is an intense and realistic shooter game that offers players an exciting and unique gaming experience. Players will be able to control a variety of weapons and vehicles in an immersive 3D world as they try to complete their mission objectives. The game features numerous enemies, objectives, and challenges for players to face, making it one of the most highly anticipated PC shooters of the year.

Current Development Status

Unrecord is a popular shooter game that has been in development for the PC platform. Its immersive gaming experience and innovative mechanics have made it a must-play for those looking for an adrenaline rush. While the development process for Unrecord on PC is still ongoing, there are now plans for the game to be released on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This means that players of all platforms will soon be able to enjoy the game, making Unrecord even more accessible to all gamers. The PC version of Unrecord is expected to be released in the near future, followed by the console versions soon afterwards. This is exciting news for those looking to experience Unrecord's unique features and challenging gameplay on their favourite platform.

Console Release Plans

The popular shooter game Unrecord is making waves in the gaming industry and has created a lot of excitement amongst gamers. Currently, the game is only being developed for PC but the developers have recently announced plans to expand the game to consoles. That's right - Unrecord will be available for both Xbox and PlayStation systems! This is great news for those who are looking to get their hands on the shooter game without having to purchase a high-end PC or laptop. With Unrecord now available on Xbox and PlayStation, gamers can enjoy the same thrilling experience on their console of choice. It will be interesting to see how Unrecord fares on the two consoles as it is currently only being developed for PC. With this exciting announcement, gamers all over the world are waiting with bated breath to get their hands on Unrecord. The release date and other details are yet to be revealed but it is sure to be an exciting expansion for the shooter game.

Unrecord may be released on PlayStation and Xbox

We learned in the past period that Unrecord is a realistic first-person shooting game under development using Unreal Engine 5, and because of the realism of the game and the imaging camera installed in the character’s head as it happens in the raids of the special forces, some thought that the game displays are realistic and have been modified to resemble games, and that Before its developer posted a video proving the fact that it is an upcoming game soon. After everyone was assured that we were facing a real product, the demands began to develop the game for various home entertainment devices. Fortunately, it seems that the DRAMA development team is thinking about this matter. According to what was stated in the FAQ section of the official Discord server of the game, the developer confirmed that the game is under development. For PC only, but he is also considering bringing it to other platforms, and the studio continued his statements, explaining:

Unrecord is targeting PC but we are considering the possibility of releasing the title to other platforms, we want to reach as many players as possible while providing a high quality experience. In the game Unrecord we will play as a policeman who carries out some dangerous missions, and puts the player in the perspective of a camera that the policeman wears on his head. The developer said it drew inspiration from Ready or Not and Firewatch games, focusing on dangerous and critical situations and offering a unique narrative story mode.