" Unrecord: The Controversial New Game Facing Doubts

Unrecord: The Controversial New Game Facing Doubts

Controversy Surrounding Unrecord Game

Controversy Surrounding Unrecord Game

In recent times, new types of games or rather gameplay perspectives have been emerging, including the body camera perspective games, one of which is the shooting game Unrecord by the DRAMA development team. The game's latest trailer went viral on social media platforms, garnering more than 77 million views. However, at the same time, some gamers began to question the accuracy of these videos and whether the game was really under development or if it was just real-life footage.

Some others suggested that there might be a trick to it, as it was developed by a small independent team and the game's realistic graphics appeared to have a much higher production value than the team's capabilities. This prompted the developer, Alexandre Spindler, to respond to these rumors and allegations via Steam, where he posted a new video proving that it is a real game project and that what we saw was direct in-engine footage, showing glimpses of the game's UI for the Unreal Engine 5.

Unrecord is a game where players take on the role of a police officer who carries out some dangerous tasks, and the game puts the player in a body camera perspective worn by the officer. The developer mentioned that he drew inspiration from games like Ready or Not and Firewatch, focusing on dangerous and critical situations and presenting a unique narrative story style.

So far, the game has not received a release date and has only been announced for PC, and we do not know whether it will be released for home consoles or not.

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